Consider the Possibilites

/ˈrevəl/ verb
enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way

The Revel Way: an ongoing journey personalized to YOU. Together, we'll identify long-term solutions and generate deeper breakthroughs so you can live in the now with more balance and less stress. 


Give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes we forget that we are strong, intellectual women who do it all! Let’s celebrate each other as mothers and businesswomen. The Revel Way allow us to uncover success as a businesswoman, a mother, and all the other hats we wear. Our community is committed to fostering a culture that allows:

Freedom: Create a private space to say everything from fears to dreams to innovative solutions. 

Self-Discovery: Uncover deeper patterns, reactions, and emotional triggers at work & home.

Communication: Develop approaches to speak clearly and in healthy, powerful ways with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. 

Each week of the month we mentor on four tiers that build upon each other to generate "lightbulb moments" in all aspects of your life. 

Week One: Imagine a Vivid Vision of Your Future Self 

Visualization is the greatest tool to make your dream a reality. It provides the clarity to say yes to the right challenges & opportunities, while proudly saying no to the wrong ones.

Week Two: Take Daily Aligned Action

Identify how your vivid vision and results are connected. Define and leverage your strengths, values, and goals to set the course of action for your unique journey. Do something every day to close the gap between your dreams and reality.

Week Three: Embrace a Growth Mindset

Foster the belief that with your vivid vision + aligned action, it's possible to learn anything. You view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve your learning and skills. With a growth mindset, you can create new habits, new connections, and new thoughts about your life.

Week Four: Prioritize Joy

Live it. Open your eyes to all the beautiful opportunities you've created for yourself, your children, your partner, and your team.

Corporate accounts

Our Corporate Accounts Tier partners with companies who are investing in their female leaders. Based on each company’s goals, we customize a strategic approach to drive long-lasting results with an operating rhythm that works best for your team(s).

Rose Gold

The Rose Gold Tier is designed for women in leadership who desire transformational change and unlimited access to our advisors. The price is $1,000/month but there are discounts depending on your personal goals.


For our members who need a short-term boost with minimal investment, we designed the Oxygen Tier. Often women who join this are within 18-months maternity leave, considering leaving their career to stay home, or simply want to join the journey with like-minded women for a boost in clarity, confidence, or mindfulness.