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Our 8-Week Revel Re-Brand is designed to identify long term solutions and generate deeper breakthroughs so you can live in the now. 

We recommend members join their journey with us with our 8-Week Deep Dive. To best serve our community, we limit the number of members on each of our 8-Week Deep Dives.

September 13, 2021

February 7, 2022

April 9, 2022

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Jumpstart your journey with our 8-week Revel Re-Brand. This mastermind-style course is formulated to generate "lightbulb moments" in all aspects of your life. 

Week One & Two: Visualize

Let's get clear on your aspirations. What kind of leader & mother do you daydream about being? 

Week Three & Four: Plan

Without a clear action plan, you'll do what is passive and easy. To make the life you visualized in week one & two a reality, we will help you design your master plan. 

Week Five & Six: Build

Let's put it to the test. Start building your new reality with a Nest of advisors to support you if any roadblocks surface.

Week Seven & Eight: Create

Live it. Open your eyes to all the beautiful opportunities you've created for yourself, your children, your partner, your team.

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8 Week Revel Re-brand Course to Re-Imagine a Brighter Future

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