It Takes A Village.

We help overwhelmed working moms find the elusive work-life balance so they can prioritize themselves and spend more quality time with loved ones without sacrificing their career success or personal wellness. It is not a choice between being an amazing mom or a successful businesswoman. It is only a choice of how to be the best YOU imaginable.

Lean on us. We are your team.

All of our members have unlimited access to our advisors' calendars for personalized solutions.

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Writing, Public Speaking & Video

Stressed about your next podcast, interview, or speech? What if you had unlimited access to a coach who helps clarify your message and prep you so you can deliver the inspiration your employees need! I’m excited to include my sister & business partner Alison Nissen in our team of Executive Mom Nest Advisors. Sometimes a leader’s stress isn’t just the job or the’s all the extra stuff!


Strengths Strategist

Petra is a Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach, Consultant, and mother of two. With over 18 years of professional experience in sales and leadership, she helps teams discover their unique strengths to ignite their Superpower. Her quest to engage, equip and elevate others fuels her belief that our differences are our advantages. Linking arms and lifting others with our unique talents can change the world! 

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Financial Advisor

Your financial goals are individual, and Sandy can help you achieve them. She takes the time to understand what’s truly important to you — whether it’s saving for college, retiring the way you want, making smart investments, or anything else. The personalized financial advice Sandy offers can help you prepare for the expected and unexpected things in life. As a result, you can feel more confident, connected, and in control of your financial life.


Marketing & Social Media

Social Media. It’s awkward. It causes stress. That’s why the Executive Mom Nest included Lucy Carlisle on our advisor team. We can't keep ignoring our social media presence. Whether we like it or not, our employees, mentees & customers need to know who we are, what we’re thinking & how we’re feeling. Lucy will help establish your personal brand and increase your reach on your social media platforms.


Business Organization

Need a productivity specialist? Lana Kitcher is amazing at getting you professionally organized. From technology to time management, her advice is priceless. Implementing updated systems will streamline your day to day and ultimately save you lots of time and energy. That's invaluable.


Transformational Coach

Leesa is both a corporate and personal coach, who works with C-level executives and their teams to establish supreme accountability, cultural competency, and servant leadership. Leesa helps overwhelmed executive moms prep for meetings & presentations, leads business brainstorms, and guides in leadership and team results. 

Meet Your Advisors For Life & Parenting

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Nutrition & Wellness Coach

If there’s one thing I know for sure, reaching my health & wellness goals is critical for my long-term success. Implementing a healthier diet for your family will increase energy, mood, and overall health. Amy uncovers simple changes personalized to your and your family's lifestyle. From recipe inspiration to meal prepping advice, Amy makes cooking less daunting. 

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Interior Design

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Kristina helps busy moms curate their style for an elevated, yet functional home.  Her mentorship makes the daunting task of decorating and design manageable and actually enjoyable.

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Career & Life Coach

Every coach knows the value of hiring a coach. That's why I'm incredibly honored to have my coach, Becky, MSW, LMSW, CPC, join the advisor team. Her approach to coaching is to serve as a thinking partner to individuals wanting to improve their path forward. With a goal-oriented approach, she works with our members to create and manage an individualized career or life plan. 


Event Curation & Health Coach

Neela's approach to life is holistic and integrative. By trade she is a bespoke designer, meet with Neela to tap into her creativity and uncover opportunities to celebrate special occasion milestones, host parties, personalize nurseries, and more. She is also a certified Health Counselor, passionate about sharing her expertise of living in balance, with a specialty in gut healing. Her mission is to create a stress-free experience so that executives can prioritize results at work while living the best mommy life with no regrets.


Professional Organizer

When I hired Linda, my business grew. With 3 teens at home (+all their friends!), it doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed with clutter. Linda’s work focuses on your mindset, your habits, and your why before she provides personalized tips & tricks for permanently clearing the clutter (mentally and physically!). Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, CVPO makes organizing contagious.  


Health & Fertility Nurse

Monica is on a mission to improve the lives of women through health coaching. As a fertility nurse, she understands the challenges of being in optimal mental and physical health before conception and throughout motherhood. Whether struggling with infertility or commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Monica mentors and educates our members on anything from a healthy diet to how hormones affect our health & wellness. 

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Travel Advisor

Exploring, experiencing, and enjoying a vacation is easier said than done. Don’t let the logistics and all the details prevent you from taking the vacation you deserve. Our travel advisor, Cheryl, will take the time to understand what each of your family members enjoys exploring to layout a dream vacation within your budget.


Mindfulness & Positive Parenting Coach

Our busy lifestyles have caused us to rush forward, never taking enough time to be still and reflect on what is most meaningful to us. Checking in with Joceyln allows you to refine and realign to YOUR personal vision of success. Don’t let others around you influence what might work best for you as a mother. When you fine tune your vision of success, you’ll find more inspiration to take risks, enjoy everyday moments, and take action on your dream.