"As a new mom looking to start a new job, I was nervous about explaining my career gap and about going back to work even though I really wanted to. Marcy helped me find balance in my search by helping me mentally overcome my own obstacles, encouraging me to network, and giving me confidence in my background and abilities to forge ahead."

— Laura

Create Balance. 

The Nest is a safe place for women who dedicate their lives to being both stellar moms and boss businesswomen. Juggling the two titles requires a lot of time and attention, but we see it as a badge of honor. The Nest is here for you when you step back for maternity leave, juggle toddler daycare and career, ​or start to plan your future family. 

How we help: 

It's all about balance. One day you need a glass of wine and book club, another day you need solutions for digital organization, another day you need reassurance from moms going through a similar experience, another day you need party planning advice for your child's first birthday. The whirlwind of motherhood and career is a beautiful thing. We embrace the unknowns by backing you with a group of likeminded mothers and specialized coaches in diverse industries from Marketing to Finance to Interior Design and party planning. 

Cultivate Success. 

Our top priority is to help you achieve success in all factors of your life. Your children and colleagues deserve the best version of you. By investing in yourself, you can bring your best self to every meeting and every family dinner. 

You are not alone on this journey. As a Nest member, you can reprioritize yourself and your time. We have all the resources you need to check items of your to-do list and go above and beyond for yourself, your family, and your colleagues. 


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Being both a mom and a businesswoman is a badge of honor. Wearing both hats demands a lot of time and attention. So how do you invest in yourself?


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