Who does Executive Mom Nest serve?

We serve top tier working mothers whose vision of success includes career, family and personal wellness. Although our coaching practice has a niche around navigating maternity leave, this program is designed for mothers at all stages of life. Executive Mom Nest members fully believe there is no better time than NOW for women to be successful.

How do we serve our members?

We are a team of women ready to serve, connect & celebrate. Our collective focus is to give you the solutions, connections, and mentorship for priorities at work and at home. How you tap into the program can be customized by you. We'll have quarterly group trainings, monthly masterminds, weekly trainings, and networking events with other executive, working moms. And, think of our advisors as YOUR team. You'll have their on-line calendars so you can quickly speak to someone you need, when you need them. What problems do we solve? As a result of our membership, these career women are bold and reaching new heights both at home and at work. They are building a personal legacy for the next generation (their children); they are mentoring more women on how to achieve both small and big milestones; they are more grounded, connected and present. How do you create long lasting results? The Executive Mom Nest believes that when a woman has the will and the resources, anything is possible. Our program begins with a customized road map and an ongoing curriculum that increases confidence, decreases stress and provides the tools to succeed. Why the focus on women in Maternity Leave? Success after maternity leave shapes a woman’s future foundation. Don't let stereotypes define your future. Every family is diferent, choose what is best for you. We provide a personalized experience for working moms to explore solutions and define her authentic approach to living life with confidence & joy.

Why should a company invest in a Nest membership?

Whether your goal is diversity, wellness or simply investing in top talent, our program is designed to meet your needs. There is no denying that the Working Mom’s journey can be difficult, but it's not impossible. What happens when the company is doing everything right with their diversity initiatives, but their key mentors or up and comers are simply exhausted and overwhelmed? This is why I created a program where she has a team of experts she can lean on so she can achieve more results, more balance & more joy.

What are the next steps? I'm ready to sign up.

After completing your interview with Founder Marcy Stoudt, you will recieve our sign up portal and we'll connect you with our onboarding advisor. Once this is complete, the Nest is yours to enjoy.

How can I schedule a time to speak with Marcy?

To schedule a time to speak with Marcy about any further questions or next steps to join the Nest, please click here. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Why should an individual invest in a Nest Membership?

No one will ever be more invested in your career growth, your family success and your love of life than you. There is no denying that the Working Mom’s journey can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Instead of the constant debate of being a working mom or stay home mom, find proactive solutions to thrive before you're overwhelmed. Don't wait for your employer to sign you up for something amazing! Meet with Marcy to learn more about our Rose Gold and Oxygen tiers for individual members.

How do I know if I want to be a Working Mom or a Stay Home Mom?

As a working mom, Marcy understands this debate: Should I be a stay home mom or working mom? Executive Mom Nest, however, rejects that it’s a limited choice between being an amazing mom or a successful business woman. We want you to experience a third option: How can you be the greatest YOU imaginable? However you define success, do it with confidence and pride. Get clear on what you really want and access solutions you need when you need it.

What is the Executive Mom Nest?

Executive Mom Nest is taking an innovative approach to Executive Coaching. Instead of being a straight line to a single person as your executive coach, we’ve created an Executive Coaching program that comes with priceless benefits. Our clients describe us as a Virtual Wellness & Professional Development Center. Like most executive coaching programs, we’ll leverage a Personality Test, we’ll review it with you 1:1, and we will coach you to another level. On top of the Executive Coaching experience, we welcome you to an exclusive community; we grant you unlimited access to a team of advisors for mentorship; you’ll have the option to join subject-based masterminds and special events to coach, teach and inspire.

What type of mentorship could I recieve?

We’ve assembled a team of advisors for expert advice on practically every subject.

  • Solutions for your everyday needs: Big & Small
  • How to sustain confidence & avoid playing small at home and at work
  • Career endurance
  • Community & belonging
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Home Design
  • Home Organization
  • Business Efficiencies & Organization
  • Party Planning & Design
  • Mindfulness

Why did you decide to include an Advisor Team for an Executive Coaching program?

As an executive coach, Marcy uncovered that her clients needed a variety of support in more areas than Marcy coached. To serve her clients better, she decided to curate a robust coaching experience that focuses on her clients as a whole person rather than just one facet of their life. It is simple to tap into solutions through Nest experts in diverse industries that you would likely hire anyway. Think of it as Vetted Outsourcing. Our clients save time by skipping the research and interviews required to find a coach who might be the right match for you. We have YOUR team ready to speak with you.

What is the investment for membership?

Our mission is to support time starved working moms find that elusive work-life balance so they can thrive in their careers while finding quality time with loved ones. We don’t want price to stand in the way. So, if you’re curious, schedule a call with Marcy. There’s always a solution. And, for those who are not ready to connect with us, here’s some more insight: To best serve our members, we’ve designed 3 tiers of membership.

  1. Corporate: This tier partners with companies who are investing in their female leaders. Based on each company’s goals, we customize a strategic approach to drive long-lasting results with an operating rhythm that works best for your team(s). See Corporate Accounts page for details.
  2. Rose Gold: This tier is designed for women in leadership who desire transformational change and unlimited access to our advisors. The price is $1,000/month but there are discounts depending on your personal goals.
  3. Oxygen: For our members who need a short term boost with minimal investment, we designed this Oxygen Tier. Often women who join this are within 18 months maternity leave, considering leaving their career to stay home, or simply want to join the journey with like-minded women for a boost in clarity, confidence or mindfulness.