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Companies who are investing in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion understand that an inclusive culture fuels innovation, fosters long-lasting relationships with customers, and brings out the best in all employees. But, building an inclusive culture takes more than simply hiring diverse talent. Mentorship is a key component for companies to build teams, cultivate leaders and create a thriving culture.


What if you had a dedicated coach that you could share your vision & challenges with to help you uncover real solutions? What if your key leaders were in a mastermind dedicated to exploring new ideas to improve your Women in Leadership initiatives? What if your top female mentors had the support and accountability to lead with confidence while being the role model at work and home? 

A presentation at the office

Designated Executive & Leadership Coach

From learning your culture to embracing your priorities, a designated Coach will serve as your go to resource for your Executive Mom Nest Membership.

Business Meeting

Monthly Alignment Calls

Meeting with your account manager is an opportunity to exchange feedback, share ideas, and discuss future opportunities to better support your members.  

Team Meeting

Quarterly Workshop 

It's all about leveraging our team of experts. On a quarterly basis, the client may select an advisor to host a workshop that aligns with your priorities. This workshop is not exclusive to the employees who are members. 

doing work together

Women in Leadership MasterMind

Join other companies who are Nest members. The value of a mastermind is embedded in solving problems and exchanging ideas through a team of peers who share the same motivation and commitment towards diversity.  

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