Harmony is possible with the right solutions...

We all know the saying it takes a village. The village is the Nest. With pre-vetted outsourcing, members don’t need to deal with the headache of time and resources spent to find a coach, mentor, or community.


Speak with Marcy

Marcy has 18 years of experience as an Executive and a mom. There's no one more qualified to help you transition back to work after maternity leave.


5 Secrets You Need to Know

In this 30-minute webinar, Marcy shares 5 powerful secrets that helped her find the elusive work-life balance as a mom.


Imagine the Possibilities

Just imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had instant access to solutions from a community that “gets you"?

This is your journey.

Real women. Real solutions. Together we coach and inspire our members to achieve more without ever questioning her role as a brilliant, beautiful mother.

We make Personal, Career & Business growth possible. Yes, there are many demands for working PARENTS. But, when the stress at home is at a high, it’s mostly moms who debate if they should keep working. With the right mentorship, there are solutions for her to stay engaged, inspired, and successful at work AND home.

Maternity Leave

Our first priority is executive coaching for leadership results. And, we know that cultivating deeper relationships with like-minded women opens the gateway to creativity, accountability, and enjoyment. All members enjoy access to our Nest of Advisors for any moment you need personalized advice from a mentor who understands your needs. 

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